Auto industry: bmw board member criticizes ‘misconduct of individuals’

Klaus Frohlich, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG and responsible for development, spoke in unusually clear terms about the diesel scandal and its effects on the automotive industry in general. The whole industry is now struggling with the fact that individuals have not behaved correctly – the damage affects everyone, including car manufacturers such as BMW who are not involved in illegal activities. Frohlich not only criticizes the misconduct, but also expressly emphasizes the BMW Group’s compliance with the law. In some cases, Frohlich describes the measures adopted as a result of the diesel scandal as irrational.

In his further remarks, the Development Board underlines that BMW is well positioned despite the damage from the diesel scandal through no fault of its own. He sees the company in a particularly good position in the area of ​​electromobility and, with a view to future electric cars based on mass-produced vehicles, gives the competition a clear swipe: “while BMW i is igniting the second stage, competitors are still investing in solitary platforms. ”

Since 2001 we have been focusing on premium with the two brands BMW and MINI and on exclusive luxury with Rolls-Royce.

Vorsteiner gtrs4: bmw m4 f82 wide body at sema 2014

VORSTEINER GTRS4: BMW M4 Coupe F82 with widebody kit of extremes celebrates public premiere at the tuning fair SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas

In the last few days we have already reported with numerous photos from SEMA 2014, at the end there are now some photos of the unveiling of the Vorsteiner GTRS4 body kit for the BMW M4 F82. The widebody kit was presented at the tuning fair in Las Vegas on an M4 in Austin Yellow and makes the sports coupe an incredible 18 centimeters wider than the series on the rear axle.

The 10 centimeters additional width on the front axle and the fact that all parts of the body kit are made of carbon are hardly less remarkable. In any case, the result is a car that would also easily pass as a racing car for laypeople and is a worthy tuning car for Vorsteiner’s 10th birthday.

Suddeutsche zeitung speaks to adrian van hooydonk

There is an interesting interview in the Suddeutsche Zeitung today with the man who recently replaced Chris Bangle as chief designer at the BMW Group.

The Dutchman Adrian van Hooydonk has long been in a prominent position when it comes to BMW design, and was responsible for the design of the BMW brand long before Bangle resigned as head of design at the BMW Group.

In an interview with the Suddeutsche Zeitung, he emphasized that the controversial design of the past few years was not intended to shock, but since it happened, it wasn’t bad either.

Vln 2018: overall victory and lap record for bmw drivers

BMW closed the final weekend of the VLN 2018 with a double success: In addition to overall victory in the endurance championship, there was also a new lap record for the Nurburgring Nordschleife, which has never been completed faster than this weekend in the VLN. The previous record comes from the 2016 season and was set by Christian Krognes on a BMW M6 GT3 from Walkenhorst Motorsport, now the Norwegian has followed suit in an apparently innocent white BMW M6 GT3 and improved his own record to 7: 52.578 minutes.

Even more valuable than the improved lap record is the third VLN overall victory in a row for BMW: After two victories for drivers from the BMW M235i Racing Cup, the 2018 VLN winners drove a BMW 325i E90 from the production car class with up to 2, 5 liter displacement. The Pixum Adrenalin Motorsport team benefits from the tried and tested VLN rule, according to which success in classes with many participants earns more points than success in classes with less competition.

Super bowl 2016: mini advertisement with many us superstars

MINI is returning to the big advertising stage in the USA and will be presenting itself as part of the Super Bowl 2016 with a 30-second advertising clip. The brand does not focus on a single model, but rather shows a large part of the model range currently comprising six body variants. For each model, MINI USA shows an American superstar who is well known to the sports-loving Super Bowl audience from various programs.

Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Tony Hawk, and Harvey Keitel appear as the faces of the TV commercial, which aggressively deals with prejudice against cars and their drivers under the title “Defy Labels”. Each person speaks just one sentence and stands in front of a single current MINI model.

Super bowl advertisement 2015: bmw i3 as “newfangled idea”

Super Bowl advertising 2015: BMW i3 spot ends BMW’s four-year break as an advertiser at the globally recognized final of the NFL season

For the first time in years, BMW USA is advertising again as part of the Super Bowl. Since the advertising space at this sporting event, which is by far the most important for Americans, is extremely expensive, the Munich-based company has left this stage to the competition in recent years and thus has several million euros in advertising budget for other purposes.

The Munich-based company is returning for the 2015 Super Bowl and is placing a BMW i3 advertisement that aims to make the small car with electric drive even better known and emphasize its unique approach. Title of the spot: “Newfangled Idea”.

Mini paceman pickup: trainee project implements new body variant

If you want to create something under the umbrella of a company with almost a hundred years of history that has not existed before, creativity and perseverance are required. Apparently there are enough of these among the BMW Group’s trainees and trainers in Munich, because in our photos we see the first MINI pickup with road approval in the history of the BMW Group.

The basis for the trainee project was a MINI Paceman, from which part of the roof was removed after several months of planning. The loading area begins immediately behind the cab for the driver and front passenger and is clad with black checker plate. enthusiastic about the driving dynamics of the bmw x1

The online edition of the Suddeutsche Zeitung apparently had the opportunity to test the BMW X1, which will hit the streets in autumn. The testers, admittedly non-specialist, were particularly enthusiastic about the driving dynamics:

[…] its driving dynamics overshadow everything that has braked, steered and accelerated in this segment up to now.

We also get some interesting data about the BMW X1. The southern German apparently drove an X1 xDrive28i with a maximum torque of 315 Newton meters and a maximum output of 265 hp. This is interesting insofar as it is apparently 7 hp more than the Z4 sDrive30i, while moving away from the EU5 emissions standard sounds rather unlikely.

Summary: the power kits from bmw performance

As part of the BMW Performance range of accessories, which was introduced a few years ago, BMW has also been offering performance enhancements for selected models for some time. Unfortunately, some observers lost track of the overview and we therefore want to take the opportunity to compile a summary of the power kits that have been offered so far.

In addition, many fans are wondering why the Power Kits are not available for all models in which the motors are used in the same way. When asked, we did not find out a specific cause for this policy, but at least we now know that an offer of the Power Kit for the BMW X6 xDrive50i in other models is currently “being examined”. In the BMW X6, this revision provides 449 hp and thus around 10 percent more power than in the series.

Mini paceman goalcooper for the world cup: football edition in the brazil jersey

The soccer World Cup 2014 is casting its shadow and not only all of Germany is slowly but surely caught in soccer fever. Many drivers will not be able to watch the World Cup games in front of the television because they are out and about in the car – those who spontaneously feel like a game of football could find the ideal vehicle with the new MINI Paceman GoalCooper.

The special model bears the colors of World Cup host Brazil and thus visually conveys the greatest joy of playing – even if Neymar & Co. magic on the pitch, the MINI Paceman GoalCooper driver can dart dynamically across the asphalt: The basis is the Paceman John Cooper Works with 218 hp!