After lobby affair: "give amthor a second chance"

After the political shitstorm in the lobbyism affair, Philipp Amthor is now getting encouragement from within his own ranks. The acting CDU chief of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania spoke out in favor of giving him a second chance.

The CDU politician Philipp Amthor, who has come under heavy criticism for lobbying allegations, receives support from party colleagues. The parliamentary manager of the Union faction, Michael Grosse-Bromer, praised Amthor for dealing with the lobby allegations. "Philipp Amthor made a political mistake," said Grosse-Bromer of the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung". "He saw that himself and apologized very quickly for this political mistake. I thought that was right and appropriate."

How Amthor’s behavior is to be judged legally is a matter for the Bundestag administration, added Grosse-Bromer. "We should wait for this evaluation first." In principle, secondary activities of MPs are "nothing reprehensible". However, it must be made transparent "for whom I work and that there may be dependencies".

Comeback for Amthor?

The provisional CDU state party leader of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Eckhardt Rehberg, spoke out in favor of a second chance for Amthor. "I think you should give such a young man a second chance," Rehberg told Deutschlandfunk. What happens in five or ten years does not have to be considered today. "I also know other politicians from the Greens or the SPD who were involved in affairs and have come back." However, the allegations must be clarified.

Rehberg welcomed the fact that the 27-year-old member of the Bundestag will be his on Friday Had withdrawn his candidacy for the state presidency. Amthor recognized that the allegations had harmed the CDU and himself. Rehberg asked his party colleagues to clarify open questions such as the financing of air travel.

Letter and controversial travel

Amthor had come under massive criticism because of his sideline work and lobbying for the US IT company Augustus Intelligence. According to a report by "Spiegel", he wrote a letter to Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier in autumn 2018, asking for political support for the company. He is also said to have made expensive trips at corporate expense. Amthor has meanwhile described his work as a mistake and says he has ended the collaboration.

Yesterday, Amthor announced that he would not run for the chairmanship of the CDU in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for which he had so far been the only applicant. In his place, the local politician Michael Sack will run for the state chairmanship.

As a consequence of his controversial activities, Amthor had previously withdrawn from the Committee of inquiry into the Islamist attack on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin withdrawn. He was a deputy member of the committee, which will also question ex-constitution protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen, who is also in connection with the controversial US company should stand.