After mass protests: kyrgyzstan repeats parliamentary elections

Mass protests, hundreds of injuries, resignation of the president – the controversial result of the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan has led to chaos in the former Soviet republic. Elections should now take place again in two months.

After the bloody mass protests in Kyrgyzstan, the parliamentary elections will be repeated. The election commission set December 20 as the new date, as the authority announced in the capital, Bishkek. The presidential election is expected to take place in January.

Falsification allegations after the first election

Initial results of the parliamentary election on October 4th had indicated a majority for parties with ties to the ruling elite. Many opposition parties, on the other hand, missed their entry into parliament. The opposition spoke of buying votes and other irregularities.

Thereupon the former Soviet republic plunged into political chaos. Protesters stormed government buildings and stormed parliament. Hundreds of people were injured. Eventually the election was declared invalid.

Resignation of the President

Killed in the past week President Sooronbai Scheenbekow back. He does not want to go down in history as the head of state who shot at his own citizens, said the 61-year-old. Scheenbekow had been in office since 2017.

The newly appointed Prime Minister Sadyr Shaparov has taken over the presidency on a provisional basis. Shaparov had come to power in the wake of the riots after supporters freed him from prison. He was serving a sentence there for hostage-taking and other crimes.

According to the Kyrgyz constitution, Shaparov cannot run for the presidential election unless he resigns as prime minister before the start of the new term. 

The predominantly Muslim Kyrgyzstan with its 6.5 million inhabitants is regarded as a comparatively democratic country in Central Asia, but at the same time as particularly politically unstable. In 2005 and 2010 riots had led to the overthrow of two presidents.