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Column: germany has to think about leaving the euro

By Klaus-Rainer Jackisch, HR

The European Central Bank has launched the final battle for the euro rescue. Surprisingly, ECB President Mario Draghi announced last week that the central bank would do everything it could to save the common currency: "And believe me. That will be enough," he said. Strong stuff!

What many initially saw as a master plan for the monetary authorities is increasingly turning out to be a fiasco. Because the announcement of measures was apparently not discussed in the Governing Council. The way in which Draghi initiated his decision is also highly dubious: at an investor conference in London of all places. The was teeming with speculators betting on the end of the euro. Here he just casually announced that the euro would be saved. The wrong place. The wrong audience. The wrong message. The stock market cheered. But such drastic measures, which taxpayers have to bear, belong on the table at an ECB meeting and on the program of the subsequent press conference – not in the dark porch in the lion’s den.

Column euroschau: greece is racing towards the abyss

The Tsipras government has no sense of pragmatic politics. Greece expects further billions in aid without doing much to solve the crisis. The fate of the euro hangs by a thread. All of Europe is threatened with disintegration.

By Klaus-Rainer Jackisch, HR

It was a night and fog action, but it did not remain a secret: Late on Monday evening, Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted French President François Hollande and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Berlin. Then the limousines of ECB boss Mario Draghi and IMF boss Christine Lagarde also drove up. The top meeting was about the future of Greece. Apparently, Athens became submitted one final offer.

Eu agrees on truck toll reform

For years, the EU countries struggled to reform the truck toll regulations. The transport ministers have now reached an agreement. In the future, the toll is to be geared towards the CO2 emissions.

The EU transport ministers have cleared the way for a reform of the Eurovignette directive. As the Federal Ministry of Transport announced, according to the ideas of the EU states, there should be a mandatory fee collection for all trucks over 3.5 tons permissible total weight in the medium term – exceptions are planned for transports by the trade and for zero-emission vehicles. With a view to climate protection, the toll rates must be differentiated across the EU according to the CO2 emissions of the vehicles.

Only Austria voted against a compromise proposal by the German EU Council Presidency during the public deliberations of the transport ministers. So far, the directive has mainly dealt with heavy truck traffic. The directive is the European legal basis for the collection of road user charges.

Seven tips for successful holiday marketing campaigns

It’s no more a question of either-or. Savvy entrepreneurs understand that both email and social media are essential parts of an effective marketing strategy. Using the proper tools to achieve the right message to the proper audience is crucial over the holiday season, when businesses and organizations are taking out all the stops to fully capture consumers’ attention and dollars.

So how is it possible to engage customers when competition is indeed fierce? Here’s the right news for smaller businesses on a budget: Social media extends the life span and reach of your e-mail marketing campaigns. It empowers marketers to raised engage their audiences, and provides customers the methods to share content and will be offering with their networks. If email gets your message heard, then social media spreads the message even farther.

Seven ideas to improve working capital for your business through the covid-19 crisis

Focusing on cashflow optimization might help companies reduce unnecessary costs, enhance the customer experience, and regain profits quicker once markets stabilize.

This article has been built-in collaboration with Endeavor UAE. Endeavor is leading the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement to operate a vehicle long-term economic growth and build strong entrepreneurship ecosystems in growth markets by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the very best high-impact entrepreneurs.

Two months in to the COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world unexpectedly (and with full force), causing uncertainty and instability for both companies and people alike, most of us learnt that the first challenge in keeping our enterprises running was cashflow. Most industries were hit hard, and therefore, businesses were forced to lay off employees, especially in the coal and oil, hospitality, retail, travel, and entertainment sectors. Others, such as for example tech companies, benefited from the lockdown.

Seven ideas to outlast, outsell and beat your rivals

To outlast rivals, you need to outsell them. Use these pointers to expand sales and leave competitors in the dust.

Entrepreneurs nationwide are feeling the squeeze of encroaching competition. With the web explosion came a massive proliferation of new smaller businesses atlanta divorce attorneys market niche. Now, we are able to buy everything for our homes or businesses either offline, online or via direct mail 24/7. Even though that is great news for consumers, I cannot think of an individual client of ours for whom marketing competitively is not a priority.

As a business proprietor, your greatest achievement is based on trumping the competition to be able to expand sales. So listed below are seven methods to give your company a leg up:

Be considered a real entrepreneur, not really a digital clone

Ever watch a toddler have a shaky step, stumble, fall, and burst into tears? If you’re human, it probably evoked conflicting emotions. While it’s fun to view them figure out how to walk, it also type of pulls on your own heartstrings. You want you could help nevertheless, you know that is something they can simply learn independently.

Personally i think quite similar way watching today’s up-and-comers at the job. It’s painful to view them make mistakes, but learning through experience and determining how exactly to survive the inevitable trials and tribulations of the business enterprise world are rights of passage each of them have to get through by themselves.

Sadly, I’m not nearly as confident about almost all today’s entrepreneurial crowd. No, I’m not discussing real entrepreneurs who’ve founded startups with real investors, products, employees, and customers. I’m discussing the hordes of wantrepreneurs and posers who use titles and labels they haven’t yet earned.

Be considered a manager, not a officer

Be considered a manager, not a officer

In the event that you only jump in when employees did something wrong, then it is time to have a closer look at your management style.

Q: My employees screw up whenever I turn my back. They can not even have a customer telephone call properly unless I’m watching. What may i do?

A: You’re much more motivated than your employees are, and it’s really your desire to accomplish good work that gets the work done. What you ought to do is share this desire together with your employees.

Be considered a mentor: fashioning futures for up-and-coming creatives

Many nascent designers would supply the shirts off their backs for a break in the creative world.

That’s what I did so — literally.

In 1997, before my eponymous design and clothing labels had become, I had zero intention of starting a brand or a business. I simply enjoyed being creative and expressing my ideas by printing them onto cotton T-shirts. When I walked right into a boutique in New York’s SoHo wearing a hand-printed shirt I’d designed earlier that week, it caught the attention of the store manager. He placed an order at that moment for 12 T-shirts.

Avoid these 5 early mistakes i made as a business owner

Study from my mistakes and save unnecessary hardship.

Most of us make mistakes — it’s part of life, particularly when it involves entrepreneurship. This game is definately not a cakewalk.

Mistakes can end up costing you money and time, while also making you lose out on opportunities. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the first days of my entrepreneurial journey. Listed below are five early mistakes I made — don’t make the same ones.