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Column euroschau: no more muddling through!

After the riot at the opening of the ECB skyscraper in Frankfurt a month ago, the ECB Council will probably discuss monetary policy in a much more peaceful manner today. But even without a rampage: The Euro project is more unpopular than ever before.

By Klaus-Rainer Jackisch, HR

Exceptionally today, the Council of the European Central Bank is having its regular meeting this month. Because on the normal Thursday, the ladies and gentlemen have to jet to the meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Washington.

Column: the ecb is at the end of its capabilities

By Klaus-Rainer Jackisch, HR

The fear during the euro crisis has never been so great: The prices on the stock markets collapse. The value of the common currency is slipping. The pressure on the European Central Bank is growing. As a great savior, it should finally solve the crisis.

But that will remain an unfulfilled wish. The possibilities of the ECB are completely overestimated. The monetary authorities cannot do much more.