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After mass protests: kyrgyzstan repeats parliamentary elections

Mass protests, hundreds of injuries, resignation of the president – the controversial result of the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan has led to chaos in the former Soviet republic. Elections should now take place again in two months.

After the bloody mass protests in Kyrgyzstan, the parliamentary elections will be repeated. The election commission set December 20 as the new date, as the authority announced in the capital, Bishkek. The presidential election is expected to take place in January.

Falsification allegations after the first election

Initial results of the parliamentary election on October 4th had indicated a majority for parties with ties to the ruling elite. Many opposition parties, on the other hand, missed their entry into parliament. The opposition spoke of buying votes and other irregularities.

3 Explanations why you are ‘meh’ relating to this year’s midterm elections

You almost certainly don’t value the election occurring in a few days. Well, you do care, however, not that much. Admit it.

You’re not by yourself. In under week, voters in the united states will hit the polls. In Washington, all 435 seats of the home of Representatives and 36 seats in the Senate are shared.

The Republicans employ a good shot at overtaking Congress, which would seriously threaten the president’s agenda and may likely prolong gridlock in Washington through another election cycle. Or the Democrats may keep a slim margin in the Senate and their party’s hopes alive for the changes they need.