After the political shitstorm in the lobbyism affair, Philipp Amthor is now getting encouragement from within his own ranks. The acting CDU chief of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania spoke out in favor of giving him a second chance.

The CDU politician Philipp Amthor, who has come under heavy criticism for lobbying allegations, receives support from party colleagues. The parliamentary manager of the Union faction, Michael Grosse-Bromer, praised Amthor for dealing with the lobby allegations. "Philipp Amthor made a political mistake," said Grosse-Bromer of the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung". "He saw that himself and apologized very quickly for this political mistake. I thought that was right and appropriate."

How Amthor’s behavior is to be judged legally is a matter for the Bundestag administration, added Grosse-Bromer. "We should wait for this evaluation first." In principle, secondary activities of MPs are "nothing reprehensible". However, it must be made transparent "for whom I work and that there may be dependencies".