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After meeting in the chancellery: no agreement on the fiscal pact in sight

After unsuccessful talks in the Chancellery on the ratification of the fiscal pact, an agreement between the government and the opposition is apparently again a long way off. The government is facing tough demands on two fronts. The opposition continues to demand a binding timetable for the introduction of a financial transaction tax. And the federal states insist that they be relieved of social spending.

A conversation between the parliamentary group leaders and the minister of the Chancellery, Ronald Pofalla, neither brought an agreement nor did consultations by Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble. The government and opposition then blamed each other for the standstill.

Further meetings required

"The behavior of the SPD and the Greens shows that they apparently no longer want an agreement this week," said CDU budget politician Norbert Barthle after the talks with Pofalla. "An agreement will probably no longer be possible at the top meeting with the Chancellor on Wednesday, but probably only next week at further meetings."

After meeting in the chancellery: no agreement in the dispute over the fiscal pact

At a meeting of the working groups of the coalition and opposition in the Chancellery on the financial transaction tax and the European fiscal pact, there was no agreement in the evening. There had been "no final, tangible result", said CDU budget politician Norbert Barthle after the negotiators had talked about two hours.

There are still "some points of dissent" and the opposition has also introduced new points. With a view to the peak meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, Barthle said that he did not expect an agreement to be reached there.

The FDP financial expert Volker Wissing affirmed that the coalition is in agreement with the opposition for financial market taxation. Attempts are now being made to reach a consensus on Wednesday. However, he admitted: "It is clear that the negotiations are not easy." The representatives of the SPD, the Greens and the Left Party also said after the meeting that they did not believe that a final agreement would be reached on Wednesday.

Eu ahead of g20 meeting: "summit comes at a critical time"

Be it a currency dispute between China and the USA or US demands for export quotas: the EU fears that its positions will be crushed at the G20 summit. It is often unclear what the EU position looks like at all – the individual country interests are too different.

By Katrin Brand, WDR radio studio Brussels, currently. Seoul

"The summit comes at a critical point in time" – this is what is often heard in Brussels at the moment. Two years after the G20 met for the first time to jointly master the financial crisis, the crisis seems to be over for most of the people, but so is the community and solidarity. Herman Van Rompuy, the chairman of the EU heads of government, and Jose Mauel Barroso, the head of the EU Commission, wrote their "dear G20 colleagues" a warning letter in advance: "Now that we are entering a new phase of economic development, there is a risk that the drive for joint action will weaken. " The Seoul summit must prevent this, both write. You will represent the European Union there, and Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy will also be at the table.