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After mass protests: kyrgyzstan repeats parliamentary elections

Mass protests, hundreds of injuries, resignation of the president – the controversial result of the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan has led to chaos in the former Soviet republic. Elections should now take place again in two months.

After the bloody mass protests in Kyrgyzstan, the parliamentary elections will be repeated. The election commission set December 20 as the new date, as the authority announced in the capital, Bishkek. The presidential election is expected to take place in January.

Falsification allegations after the first election

Initial results of the parliamentary election on October 4th had indicated a majority for parties with ties to the ruling elite. Many opposition parties, on the other hand, missed their entry into parliament. The opposition spoke of buying votes and other irregularities.

After gezi protests: turkish arrest warrant for dundar

In 2013, anti-government protests broke out in Turkey. The government is still looking for those responsible. The journalist Dundar, who lives in exile in Germany, is now also in his sights.

A court in Istanbul has now issued an arrest warrant for the former Cumhuriyet editor-in-chief Can Dundar for the Gezi protests in 2013. The state news agency Anadolu reported that the journalist, who lived in exile in Germany, fueled tensions.

According to the report, the prosecutor sees it as proven that Dundar had connections to the prominent activist Osman Kavala. The Turkish government considers him to be an organizer of the Gezi protests. The respected entrepreneur is, among other things, chairman of the cultural institute Anadolu Kultur, which also works with the German Goethe Institute. Despite international protests, Kavala has been in custody in Turkey for more than a year without an indictment.